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Bob Johnson, Trial Lawyer of The Year

Article By Johnson Jensen in Awards and recognitions

With 25 years of experience practicing law, Bob Johnson has received his share of recognition. “This is the third time I’ve been nominated,” he pointed out. “People started calling me the Susan Lucci of ITLA.” Clearly the third time’s a charm, as the Indiana Trial Lawyer Association named Johnson 2017’s Trial Lawyer of the Year.

He was recognized in large part for his precedent-setting work allowing the survivors of wrongful death victims to be awarded additional compensation in the form of attorney fees by applying two different sections of Indiana’s wrongful death statutes (as opposed to one over the other) to the same claim. “We’ve created a new source of monetary recovery for people who’ve lost a loved one,” he explains. “This is a rare example of the law expanding for victims of wrongful death, instead of restricting.” Though ten years in the making (Johnson’s client’s own case and two others), Johnson’s work didn’t end with that ruling. He continues to be of assistance to lawyers working to replicate his results—offering advice and resources to all who inquire.

Most personal injury cases are finished in one year, which makes this award a true testament to Johnson’s dedication to pursuing his clients’ best interests. Never willing to settle for simplicity’s sake, Johnson has built his reputation, not only on his relentlessness, but his deep sense of empathy for his clients. “There is such surprise and horror when receiving that call that something has happened. We understand it, we’ve been through this with so many people, and we really can help them.” He elaborates, “Clients tell us that they feel immediately at ease when we meet—that they knew things were going to be taken care of. That reaction is what motivates us. It feels good to help folks in need, so they can focus on recovery.”

“Lawyer of the Year” is more than just a plaque on the wall in Johnson’s office. “I’ve met and talked to every winner since I began practicing law and now I feel like my name is among those I grew up admiring and respecting.” He credits his clients first for trusting him with their cases, his family for putting up with his long hours, his partner Travis Jensen, and friend Nick Deets who nominated him for the award. Never one to take full credit, he continued, “There’s also Tom Hastings, Gloria Danielson, George Gray…But what’s really important is this proves that with resolve, commitment, and tenacity you can make a real impact. You can get some good stuff done.” And that’s essentially Bob in a nutshell: a guy who gets good stuff done.

Congratulations, Bob. You truly deserve it.

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