We need large trucks and tractor trailers to build our cities and transport our goods and packages. And they are driven by hardworking people. But when a collision involves a large truck, it nearly always involves serious injuries or worse.

With years of experience handling large truck collisions, our dedicated legal team at Johnson Jensen is familiar with the multiple rules and regulations in place at the federal and state levels. We’re also committed to walking with you step-by-step through your recovery as trusted professionals who will keep your best interests in mind through the entire process.

Large truck collision cases will hinge on being able to prove driver negligence, which means that the driver was not as careful as he or she should have been. It’s important for your legal team to be very familiar with the federal and state regulations for the trucking industry – including things such as driver log books, hour limits, licenses and cargo inspections – as they are the rules with which drivers and trucking companies must comply in your potential case. You can be sure that the trucking companies and their legal teams know these rules and have their own investigators already at work on the case.

If you’ve been injured in a large truck collision, Johnson Jensen is ready to start helping you right now — by listening carefully, advising you thoughtfully, working diligently, and walking with you step-by-step through your recovery. Call us with your questions or schedule a free consultation at 317-269-7799.