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Not Everyone Wants to Hire a Trial Lawyer

Article By Travis Jensen in The real world


Most of our clients start out with a negative stereotype of lawyers. And how could we blame them, after being exposed to the lawyers who run commercials, National Political Discussions, or religious-based beliefs saying whether it’s right or wrong to sue? Some clients think they cannot afford a lawyer, because they don’t understand that we work on a contingency. Other clients have had a poor experience with another lawyer or the judicial system (e.g., criminal, divorce, or bankruptcy).

These concerns can be diminished

We help our clients overcome their fears the old fashioned way. Our hope is that when they meet us, they like us as people so any negative impressions begin to change. We help them understand why they feel the way they do, why the system works the way it does, and why they can feel proud that they live in a state and a country where they and their rights are protected.

Because for our system to continue to work the way it should, people who are not as careful as they should be must be held accountable for any damage and harm they cause.

Hiring a trial lawyer can provide emotional benefits

For us, it’s not just about winning cases. It’s about the people who are involved with the cases. It’s about doing everything we can to relieve their burden so they are able to grieve and to heal.

Most importantly, our clients are injured or grieving, and they’re dealing with a host of frustrating practical issues: their car can’t be driven, their bills need to be processed by multiple insurance companies, or their income is being lost, just to name a few.

We have been through what our clients are going through hundreds of times before. And because of that, we can provide a comfort that they don’t realize they are going to get—they can vent and grieve with us. We often help clients talk through the multiple decisions they must face—even beyond the legal aspects of our representation—and that support and counseling is emotionally beneficial.

We’re more than just lawyers.

Throughout the trial process, we become very invested in our clients. We create friendships that most of our clients keep after our representation concludes.  Just last week, a former client we represented two years ago stopped by our office to drop off the plaques from his kid’s baseball team that we sponsor. We visited for a little while, we introduced him to Hannah, our newest addition to the Johnson/Jensen team, and he made it clear he will be at my band’s show downtown on New Years.

It’s client relationships like this that make our job so rewarding. To see people not just recover from a legal standpoint, but to heal on a much deeper level is why we do what we do.