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Q&A with Caroline Corbett, Paralegal

Article By Johnson Jensen in Company news

Today, we want to shed some light on the extraordinary talents and commitment of our team at Johnson Jensen. First up is Caroline, our paralegal who enjoys kayaking, swimming, attending sporting and racing events in Indy, and spending time with family. Her nearly two decades of experience as a paralegal are a tremendous resource to our team, to our clients, and to students considering a career in the field.


How did you choose a career as a paralegal?

I always wanted to pursue a career in the legal field. My career started taking shape through my participation in a Cooperative Education and Internship Program offered by my high school. I was offered an internship and then employment at an Indianapolis personal injury law firm where I continued to work and develop as a paralegal over the next twenty-five years.

What skills and qualities make a good paralegal?

In addition to good administrative, computer, and communication skills, I feel that a successful paralegal will have an analytical and investigative approach to their work. It also helps to be a diligent and committed worker with the ability to strive under pressure.

What’s one of the challenges you face as a paralegal?

A paralegal will face many challenges; however, the greatest challenge is usually time management.  There is always plenty of work to keep you busy, deadlines to meet, and new business to procure.

What advice would you give to students who are considering the same career?

My advice for students considering becoming paralegals would be to maintain a well thought-out and established routine for handling their work in order to optimize their time and efforts.

What led you to work with Johnson Jensen?

I had previously worked with Bob and Travis, and we shared similar goals and expectations for our functions in this practice of law for the clients we hoped to serve. I was excited to be invited to join them in their new firm. At Johnson Jensen, we enjoy a team approach to working on our cases, and we strive to be proactive in the litigation process. Most importantly, our attorneys believe in family first, which lets us be our best.