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A passionate client advocate and adversary for injustice

Article By Johnson Jensen in Company news

The newest member of the Johnson Jensen team, Adrienne Roberts, has been a fighter all her life.

At just two years old, Addi was diagnosed with retina cancer. After a year of battling the disease, the cancer began traveling through her optic nerve toward her brain. Two short days later the cancerous tumor and her right eye were surgically removed. Even after many years, she vividly remembers sitting nervously in the hospital waiting room, the casts she had to wear on both arms to restrict her movement post-surgery, and learning to adjust to her new prosthetic eye.

She also recalls the kids who couldn’t handle being friends with someone who was “different.” Not everyone saw her new eye as a testament to her victory over cancer and her undeniable strength. Because of this, Addi learned to protect herself. But rather than causing her to turn inward, it sparked a desire to protect others as well.

Her new-found purpose was encouraged by her mother, a police officer, who would share stories of injustice and her fight to help those who could not help themselves.

“My mom took me for a ride-along once,” Addi recalls. “We actually got involved in a car chase! She was determined to catch this suspect and bring him to justice. It was exciting to see her in action, and I knew I wanted to do my part to support those in need.”

That very drive is what makes Addi such a valuable addition to Johnson Jensen. As a trained paralegal and our Legal Receptionist, she is often our clients’ first point of contact, helping them navigate what can be a traumatic and unfamiliar experience with her sympathetic ear and determination to make things right.