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A Client Story: Determination and Recovery

Article By Johnson Jensen in Client Stories


It started as just another day on the job for Chris Stinson, a land surveyor and father of two. But while he was conducting a road construction survey on the morning of June 10, 2010, his life changed forever. A driver turned into a closed lane—ignoring the orange traffic cones that marked it as a work zone—and hit Chris.

Chris survived but sustained serious injuries. He lost half the feeling in his left hand, suffered a compound fracture of his left arm, and had to have the bones in his left leg replaced with metal rods. Johnson Jensen LLP helped him secure financial recovery. Now he’s back on the job, focusing on his family, career, and community.

Choosing a Lawyer
After the accident, Chris knew he would need help—not only to cover his lost wages, hospital stay, and surgeries, but also to cover ongoing treatment and any modifications he would need to make his house accessible with his injury. But he didn’t know what his next step should be or how to choose a lawyer.

“I had a thousand envelopes beat me home from lawyers,” Chris remembers. “I was at a loss on what to do.” He wanted to make sure his attorney had his best interests at heart and didn’t see him as a paycheck.

So when a family friend recommended Johnson Jensen, Chris gave them a call. Attorney Travis Jensen responded quickly. “He kept in contact and reassured me that everything was going to be fine,” Chris says. “He wasn’t in any hurry or worry, so as soon as I was at home and comfortable and could meet with him, he would do that.”

Focusing on Recovery
When they met, Travis walked Chris through the steps of a personal injury case and explained possible outcomes. Travis then contacted the driver’s insurance agency, as well as Chris’s own agency.

From that point on, Chris didn’t have to worry about communicating with insurance representatives. This allowed him to concentrate on getting well. “I took one phone call, I contacted Travis, and [then] he handled all of that,” Chris says. “I never heard another peep. … I could just focus on getting myself back on my feet, getting back out into the field.”

Three months after the incident, Chris was back at work. His case continued as he adjusted to a new normal. Travis also helped when it came time for mediation. “He gave me a question-and-answer session to prepare me,” Chris says. “We went back and forth, and he said, ‘This is how it’s going to go.’”

Paying It Forward
Chris successfully settled his case against the driver who hit him, and because the injury happened at work, Johnson Jensen recommended a workman’s compensation lawyer who helped Chris get the benefits he deserved.

Both settlements paid for Chris’s medical bills and ongoing treatment, and they’re also helping him support his family. His daughter just graduated from high school and will attend college in the fall. “I can afford to let her go where she wants to go, and my son will get to do the same,” he says.

The road to recovery hasn’t been easy, and it’s not over yet. Chris continues to deal with the effects of the incident. His determination and resilience are inspiring. He not only returned to work after the incident but also gives back to his community.

Chris serves on the board at Irvington Sports Association, which teaches kids about sports and helps them develop strong character. His passion for mentoring players led Bob and Travis to sponsor the program. They’re proud to support such a worthy cause and even prouder to call Chris a friend.