We’re excited to unveil our new logo, tagline, and website. We worked with Pivot Marketing in Fountain Square to come up with an identity that more accurately reflects our personalities, philosophy, and goals as a firm. There was a lot of strategy involved. How can we differentiate ourselves from other local firms? How do we showcase who we are as individuals? Pivot guided us through a strategic marketing process that really got our wheels spinning. We answered a lot of questions: What brands do you admire? Which magazines do you read? What’s your favorite brand of shoes? It was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it. Here’s the result:

Step one: New logo and tagline

Our new, more modern logo is a better reflection of our firm, both in the color choices and design. We don’t use an ampersand (&) like law firms tend to do. Why not? Really, we just like the way ‘Johnson Jensen’ sounds together. The designers at Pivot played off that by using a slash (/) to visually define our names.

The goal with our new tagline, Turning personal injury into personal recovery™, was to convey our feeling of compassion and focus on recovery. We think the first (and the most important) step is recovery. We feel strongly that our legal team has the experience and knowledge to handle your case, leaving you plenty of mental breathing room to rest, heal, and move on.

 Step two: Website

The look and feel of our new website is warm, friendly, and approachable because that’s who we are. We’re here to listen to you without judgment. Features of our new website include:

Photography: Harold Lee Miller took photographs of our staff both in-studio and in our office.

 Lots of resources for you: The litigation process can seem intimidating and even confusing at times. We’ve outlined the legal process, what to expect from your personal injury case, along with frequently asked questions and helpful links.

A focus on community involvement: Our staff is committed to supporting the organizations in our community that make Indianapolis a vibrant, world-class city. Find out how we’re giving back to our community.

Our new blog:  Hey, that’s where you already are! This is where we’d like to share with you relevant news articles, company news, musings, and company announcements. We hope you’ll find it helpful and engaging.

We hope this new identity communicates what our team at Johnson Jensen provides: the highest level of legal representation, delivered with the highest ethical standards, a calming, supportive ‘bedside manner’, and an ear to bend. We respect the practice of legal representation as a true ‘learned profession,’ with equal regard for modern culture and technology. And with our adversaries: amicable at every opportunity; tenacious as required.  We hope to  confirm/remind those who already know us, while communicating the same message to our new friends.


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