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Caroline Corbett

For 25 years, Caroline Corbett has specialized in the legal field of personal injury and wrongful death. Caroline has been a paralegal for more than 18 years and takes pride in being an advocate for injured victims and surviving family members who’ve lost a loved one as a result of a tragic accident.

Caroline serves as the liaison between clients and their attorneys as well as the insurance carriers and defense attorneys, effectively providing both a voice and a platform for the clients. 

Caroline provides compassionate and experienced assistance to clients as they navigate their way through medical treatment and recuperation from their injuries, medical bills and insurance claims, the inability to work and earn wages, as well as, emotional traumas such as post-traumatic stress, grief and loss.

Caroline is long committed to helping injured victims and their families. She has enjoyed the privilege of working with countless professionals associated with the specialized legal field of personal injury and wrongful death over the last 25 years.