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Posted on January 23, 2017

Dear Friends and Family: This is What I Actually Do


Posted on January 23, 2017 by

For me, I would like 2017 to be about helping others more. This will require that I share more. Especially since I realized I haven’t even explained to some of my closest friends exactly what it is I do every day as a personal injury lawyer with Johnson Jensen.

I realized this when a good friend told me her father had been in a car accident. It was a typical day, a typical drive, and—as is typical of so many accidents—it happened out of the blue. A semi-truck rear-ended the car behind him, which rear-ended his car, and so on. He was not seriously injured, thank goodness. But he did experience some pain and ended up seeing a doctor.

“You should have him contact me.” I said, relieved but still worried. “I’m a personal injury attorney and help people in these situations every day.”

“You do?” she said.

Keep in mind, this friend isn’t just an acquaintance. We’ve known each other since second grade. We’ve spent countless hours at each other’s houses, watching movies, playing sports, talking on the phone. All the things you do with the kind of friend you’ve known forever. The kind of friend you would do anything to help.

She told me her father had already found a personal injury firm to represent him. She then ticked off the reasons why they sounded like a good option. “They don’t charge their clients anything unless they win. They take smaller cases that don’t end up turning into lawsuits. And they work statewide.”

“That does sound nice,” I told her. “Because that’s how personal injury firms work, including Johnson Jensen”

Looking back, I can see why she had no idea. Frankly, I don’t always enjoy telling people what I do, because it often means having a conversation about how they might one day be injured in a car accident or some other disaster. We also take our client’s confidentiality seriously, and I can’t share details about a case I’m working on. But since I’ve been at Johnson Jensen, I’ve known a few people in my circle of family and friends who experienced something I could have helped to make better for them.

The truth is accidents are unpredictable. Reckless or cautious, rich or poor, old or young—anyone can be in an accident, because accidents are one of the truly unbiased, non-partisan forces in our world. Given that reality, you all need to know what I do so if the unexpected happens, you have someone who cares about you to help.

With that said, friends and family, this is what we can help you with:

Car accidents – If you are involved in a car accident, if you experience any kind of injury, and even if you aren’t sure you’re injured but you think you might be, contact me. Insurance issues can be complicated, and auto insurance companies may cover things you didn’t even know about. If I don’t know the answer, someone else here will.

Premises liability – The possible scenarios here are endless, but it includes any situation where you are on someone else’s property—an icy parking lot, a slick store entryway, a poorly maintained neighborhood walkway—and you get hurt. We encounter a lot of “slip-and-fall” cases, and we can help you answer the tricky questions that come along with them.

Workplace injuries – We all spend a significant chunk of time in our respective workplaces, and we all deserve to do our jobs with the absolute confidence we’ll be kept safe from physical, biological, mental and emotional harm. If you aren’t confident about that, call me.

Medical malpractice – When you entrust your or a loved one’s health to medical professionals, you do it because you believe in their judgment and experience. But tragically, even medical professionals make mistakes that directly impact people’s well-being and may even result in wrongful death. If you know someone who was injured as a patient, I can help.

Other – We are also often asked about other legal issues such as criminal law (e.g., DUIs, traffic tickets), family law (e.g., divorce), and business law. The list goes on. Chances are if you’re looking for an expert, we know someone who specializes in that area. These attorneys are people we know, trust, and would hire ourselves if we needed to.

I hope none of this ever happens to you. But if it does, you have someone in your corner who is here to help.